Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Winter Salad

Mache, aka corn salad, aka lamb's lettuce, or if we want to be precise, Valerianella locusta, self-sows (enthusiastically so) along the south side of my garden shed. It's usually the first harvest of the growing season. A handful of sweet violets makes a perfect garnish for this soft, almost buttery-tasting green.
At the risk of damaging my locavore cred. I will admit to adding a chopped up orange or two to the salad bowl. It's a perfect combination.


Anonymous Karen said...

Oh, perfection! I never thought of violets as salad material, no idea why not. Well, maybe an orange tree for your greenhouse would make the locavore dream come true.

I randomly check your blog now and again to see if there is a post. Can't believe I got a fresh one today! Lucky me.

02 March, 2010 19:59  

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