Monday, April 19, 2010

I tell myself I'm just thinning them

Cherry Belle Radish

But really it's that I can't wait for them to get big before I eat them.


Blogger . . . Lisa and Robb . . . said...

Yummy! You planted them to eat, right? Enjoy 'em!

19 April, 2010 21:22  
Anonymous Karen said...

They look pretty big to me! Is it too late to plant radishes? I keep meaning to try the watermelon ones...

20 April, 2010 22:36  
Blogger MollyTrolley said...

Karen, it's really never too late to plant radishes. They do best in cool weather though.

21 April, 2010 14:55  
Anonymous Molly said...

By the way, Karen, the photo is actual size. That's a tiny dish. :)

22 April, 2010 15:45  
Blogger Matron said...

Radishes bring back happy memories for me as it was the first thing I ever grew on my Fathers allotment. We would eat them with Heinz salad cream and salt!

23 April, 2010 21:06  

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