Thursday, August 10, 2006

Found Poem

Documentation that my company publishes online includes an email address for customer feedback. Not surprisingly this generates a lot of spam, all of which gets trapped by our spam filter, but which requires a quick skim every few weeks to make sure a legitimate customer question didn't get quarantined by accident. When it builds up to a certain level, say 500 messages or so, a kind of poetic rhythm sometimes emerges in the subject lines. I'm not sayin' it's good poetry, just that it's there:

Invalid Information

Order status, milori blue
Order status, needle palm
Order status, night-eyed
Order status, Pan-gothic
From us it much better.

All products for your health!
Your health, milk snake
Your health, minister-general
Your health, ninety-three
Your health, Non-scandinavian
From us it much better.

Better Future, winder-on!
Your future, navel pipe
Your future, needle cast
Your future, ocean-smelling
Your future, pasture rose
From us it much better.

How much does your image cost?
Your cash, moon-tipped
Your money, oyster grass
Your cash, night heron
Your money, Parcel-greek
From us it much better.

Hi, never-trodden:
Is read of berry cornice
That listen no courtesan
All to communicate the mindset required
The word ecstatic comes to mind
From us it much better.


Blogger shannon said...

Hey Molly,

We've had both the pygmies and the Nigerian Dwarfs...I prefer the Nigerians because they're a bit bigger and we've had no helath problems with them. They're also much more practical for milking....

That said, both breeds would do fine keeping down brush for you, and once we got really into the whole milking thing, we realized we needed a bigger goat anyway, lol. Good luck on your goat search, I'll be adding you to my links. :)

11 August, 2006 11:17  

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