Sunday, December 31, 2006

Re-creation story

  • On the 4th day there was the Older Daughter home from college, making one more pair of hands to haul water and firewood, and it was good.
  • And on the 6th day the cell phone towers were repaired and OD could talk to the boyfriend she left at college and she was no longer grumpy and it was much better.
  • And on the 8th day there was light and running water, and it was really good and meant we got our Christmas tree decorated before Santa showed up.
  • And on the 15th day the landline came back and we all yawned, because really, no one ever calls us on the landline anyway but at least it meant that the pissing contest between Qwest (telephone) and Comcast (cable) was finally over.
  • And on the 18th day the Internet came back and all was well with the world.


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