Saturday, February 14, 2009

February Harvest

Updated to edit photo of garden bloggers. ;)

Looking a little weatherbeaten but still very edible, brussel sprouts and kale (winterbor, red russian, and tuscan black). I used to regard brussel sprouts that didn't form nice tight buds as a failure until I discovered this recipe, which is actually easier to prepare when the sprouts are loose and leafy than when they are firm and rolling around on the cutting board.

From the ground: scallions, turnips, carrots, rutabaga, jerusalem artichokes, one beet (the rest were too small to bother with), and one potato that I missed when I dug last fall. I dug around in vain to find some more parsnips but I must have gotten them all last month. The potato, which grew from one I missed the previous year, is in better shape than the ones I have in storage, making me think that some varieties, at least, might be better off left in the bed and dug as needed.

Celery, garlic chives, and miner's lettuce are still going strong in the (unheated) greenhouse.

The jute coffee bean bag on the ground represents a harvest of a different kind---a wonderful crop of new acquaintances, courtesy of the first Seattle Area Garden Bloggers Meetup, which some of still cannot resist calling SAGBUTT. We're a diverse bunch, ranging from professional to amateur gardeners, from talented artists and designers to the aesthetically-challenged (that would be me), from people who love to write to those for whom writing is like passing a kidney stone (that would be me, again). We all left the get-together looking forward to the next one, our heads full of shared ideas, and our arms full of shared produce, flowers, and the wonderful jute bags that Paula brought, some of which are now keeping the grass down on some of my more challenging garden paths. Thanks, Karen and Melanthia, for helping to bring us together.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Love your colorful winter harvest bounty! The photo of me with eyes closed, not so much... :) The black pussy willows you brought to the meeting are still looking lovely in a vase at my house, they really are stunning. Thanks again for coming and look forward to seeing you next time. Every time I see that word, SAGBUTT, I cringe and hope for another name to take over very soon!

14 February, 2009 14:40  
Blogger Gardeness said...

That's a great harvest, and wonderfully colorful. The black pussy willows you brought everyone are leafing out and look so nice. Any chance these will root so I can plant them? Look forward to seeing you at the next gathering!

15 February, 2009 22:27  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thanks for "fixing" me. Now could you just erase the bags, shave off a few pounds, and disappear the wrinkles and gray hair please? :)

16 February, 2009 10:34  
Blogger Safi Crafts said...

Yes Thank you for the beautiful black pussy willows. I carefully placed them in an empty dry vase, not thinking that I could root them in water! Dumb. I will put one poor dried out one in water to see what happens.

18 February, 2009 17:54  

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