Sunday, February 15, 2009

GBBD February 2009

Not much to write because this behemoth is working its way through a couple acres of neglected pasture right now and it's fun to watch it chew up years of overgrown brambles.

In the garden: snowdrops (almost), cyclamen coum, hellebore, and black pussy willow

In the woods: hazel (so why won't my garden hazels bloom for me? They have far better growing conditions than these nut trees!), and skunk cabbage.

To see more pictures of what's in bloom around the world, head on over to Carol's place.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Love the skunky cabbage! That's quite a jolt of color against the quieter tones of your woods. Wow, the behemoth is pretty bright too! What are you gonna do with all that new real estate?

16 February, 2009 10:33  
Blogger Carol Michel said...

I think that's quite a bit of bloom for February. Thanks for sharing them with us.

Carol, May Dreams Gardens

16 February, 2009 18:01  
Blogger Gardeness said...

Cool Hellebore. I'd have them everywhere if I could get them to reseed. My little guy would be more into the digger, though!

17 February, 2009 11:47  
Blogger Matt, Kara, Hunter and Cavan said...

How I wish something were in bloom up here! We just got another 25cm of snow!

21 February, 2009 03:47  

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