Friday, August 17, 2007

Garden Bloggers' Bloom Day Post for August

Update: I forgot to mention the Shasta daisies, crocosmia, and

evening primrose.

Late to the party as usual, so I'll dive right in. Of my entire dahlia collection only one has survived. Fortunately it's also my favorite, Bednall's Beauty.

A few years back I bought some hydrangeas in 2" pots from Heronswood Nursery. I didn't expect them to amount to anything for several years, especially not when a couple of them suffered severe winterkill every year. I moved a couple of them to warmer spots last fall and they've rewarded me by blooming this summer. This one has a real mouthful of a name-- Hydrangea macrophylla GartenBaudirektor Kuhnert:

Over the years this variegated hydrangea has become less variegated, both in foliage and in bloom every year. It used to have huge splashes of white on the leaves, and both pink and blue flowers. It's less flashy now, but so am I:

One of my new daylilies, Ruffled Apricot:


Also in bloom: Coneflowers, most of the roses, gladiolus, sweet peas (finally!), nasturtiums, and calendula.


Blogger Carol said...

No problem with late arrivals to the party. You have some very pretty August blooms!

Thanks for joining us for Garden Bloggers' Bloom Day

Carol at May Dreams Gardens

17 August, 2007 20:02  
Blogger kris said...

Beautiful photos - I love the dahlia and hydrangea especially.

19 August, 2007 21:01  
Blogger kate said...

You might be late to the party, but I didn't make it at all!

The Hydrangea is beautiful - the name is wonderful even if I'd never quite remember how to spell it!

The Ruffled Apricot is a pretty daylily ...

Say it isn't so that you are less flashy - I'm thinkinig one should become more flashy with age!

21 August, 2007 07:50  

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