Wednesday, November 14, 2007

November Blooms

To make up for missing the last two months' * of Garden Bloggers Bloom Day here is the photo-heavy, text-light November edition of what's in bloom on Tiger Mountain. It's amazing what you can find in bloom this time of year if you look hard enough.

Alpine Strawberries (the Energizer Bunny of strawberry plants):

Aster (Lady in Black variety):

Azalea (yes, this one gets confused every year around this time and puts out a few blossoms):



Dandelion (just one!):

Eupatorium, aka Joe Pye Weed (okay, it's not exactly blooming, but the seed heads are really pretty.):


Hydrangea (faded but still going):

Lamium, aka golden dead nettle (as bloomy as it ever gets, but I love the foliage!):


Marigold (oops, I can't find that photo now)

Rose de Rescht (blooms in November and fabulous fragrance, too!):

Vibernum tinus (I planted this because I love the iridescent berries, which really dress up a winter bouquet of greens, but the flowers are a nice bonus this time of year):

Speaking of berries, they really should count as blooms, especially when they are as colorful as these:

or these rose hips, on my 'Kathleen' musk rose:

or these lingonberries which are even redder than this photo shows:

I think beautiful foliage should count for something too. Like this azalea:

This little deciduous rhody:

And the native big-leaf maple whose abundant leaf fall almost makes up for its lack of spectacular fall color (because after all, jumping in a big pile of leaves is what it's all about!):

*I missed September's bloom day because I was in Amsterdam and while I was busy taking photos of what I found in bloom there, I then realized I didn't have a way to upload the pictures. I missed October's bloom day because it snuck up on me while I was trying to catch up on work after my vacation and we had moved into that time of year (and career) where it's dark when I leave the house and dark when I come home. So this month I cheated and took my pictures on the 11th.