Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Anemone. And another nemone.

When my daughters were very young they had certain words that they really liked rolling their tongues around. One such word was "anemone" although both of them, at a certain age, thought it was two words, either "a nemone" or "an enome". "I'm gonna' tickle that 'nemone!"
They were referring to sea anemones, and a favorite pastime when exploring tidepools our favorite beach--lightly touching the center of the anemone and letting its tentacles curl in around your finger.
The woodland anemones on Tiger Mountain--anemone nemerosa--don't get tickled by budding marine scientists. The greatest threat to their existence is my forgetting where they are after they go dormant, and accidentally digging them up to plant something else. The workaround for that has been to plant them beneath a shrub, or interplant with hostas, which are just barely poking their shoots up from the ground when the anemones are at their peak. With any luck this strategy will eventually provide me with clumps large enough to plant out in my woods.

Worthy of protection:

anemone nemerosa 'allenii', growing under the protection of a badly winter-killed hydrangea

anemone nemerosa 'Robinsoniana'.


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