Sunday, April 08, 2007

What a difference a week makes

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A week that included a few days of unseasonably warm weather here on Tiger Mountain sent buds and shoots a-popping. For my Green Thumb Sunday post I thought I'd post pictures of the same plants I posted last week.

peony: last week just shoots, now there are leaves and buds

Lady Doneraile in full bloom

Likewise Rosemundi

And even the azalea is opening. You'll notice I don't qualify the azalea with a varietal name. In truth, it's just one of those little potted plants they sell at Trader Joe's. The kind that gardening experts tell you to enjoy while it's in bloom and then throw it out because it will never amount to anything. This one was a hostess gift from a good friend and I didn't have the heart to toss it. Besides, there was this gap between two big rocks in the garden that was crying for a bit of green. So I stuffed it into the gap and it has thrived there, hot afternoon sun and all, for about 4 years. It blooms early in spring, long before any of my fancy named azaleas, holds its flowers for weeks, and usually blooms again in the fall. Not bad for a grocery store plant.

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Anonymous Genie said...

Cool story about the TJ's azalea -- it's always a bonus when plants like that survive! I love your bloom photos.

08 April, 2007 21:00  
Anonymous Tricia said...

You're lucky with your Azalea. I'm sure the winter is too cool here for a potted one (unpotted and planted of course) to survive.

I haven't gotten outside yet to see if my peonies are emerging or not! All the tulips are up and growing so I'll be the peonies are at least at the same stage that yours were last week.

08 April, 2007 21:02  
Blogger Kate said...


Your peonies have grown a lot since last week! I love your rhododendron and the azalea is so pretty.

You'll have to post more pictures - your garden looks lovely!!

And ... it is so cold here (still ski jacket weather) that nothing in my garden is up. The ground is still frozen solid. Wahhhh!

08 April, 2007 21:13  
Anonymous skeet said...

Amazing to compare the two sets of photos and see what a difference a single week can make. So lovely I want to reach intot he pictures and start tending, lol! Beautiful!

Here for GreenThumb Sunday.

08 April, 2007 23:03  
Anonymous skeet said...

Opps! Had the wrong link in my sig. That's thenew blog I'm going to intro soon and it doesn't have GTS in it, lol! Sorry! honestly, it was a mistake, not a cheap trick!

08 April, 2007 23:04  
Blogger sisah said...

'Lady Doneraile' what a name for a Anemone nemorosa, I had to have a look why it´s called like his and found out it is a cultivar by Beth Chatto. The beech tree forrests here in our area have carpets of Anemonas, so I wonder now how they differ from your 'Lady In White'?
First I thought the climate in your area across the ocean to ours here, as some of the peonies, the anemona and azalea are blooming here, but an azalea never would survive a winter here.

08 April, 2007 23:37  
Blogger Sometimes Unwilling Guru said...

Azalias are gorgeous,I have one struggling one at school and it produced a couple of flowers this past week ,they were bigger than plant,LOL

09 April, 2007 03:01  
Blogger Kate said...

Mina seeds are so easy to grow ... I just hope they don't get too leggy and tangled together before I can plant them out.

09 April, 2007 21:49  
Blogger InlandEmpireGirl said...

I am glad you used your own common sense and stuck that grocery store plant between the rocks. What a beauty. It does work. I have great miniature roses from the floral dept. at Safeway that bloom every year. Great pictures.

09 April, 2007 22:15  
Blogger Yolanda Elizabet said...

That really is a big change in one weeks' time!

I never throw my azalea's away but put them in the garden as soon as it's not too cold outside. Most of them grow and flower happily ever after.

Thanks for visiting my blog!

10 April, 2007 04:34  
Blogger Salix Tree said...

I love the little white flowers, they are beautiful. Anemones? Mine haven't yet started to bloom.

10 April, 2007 11:18  
Anonymous chigiy said...

I can't wait to see your peony in bloom.
Nice rhodies too.
Your little azalea must love you very much.It looks so happy in that spot.
I have actually had luck with TJ plants before too.

10 April, 2007 12:57  

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