Sunday, February 25, 2007

The Secret Ingredient

Foodwise, I consider myself an oportunivore, which is to say I will eat anything that's put in front of me. I'm hard put to think of anything that I'd refuse to try, although I have not been truly put to the test, as no one has offered me, say, a beating snake heart. Same thing goes when I'm in a market that caters to a clientele from a different culture. If something looks interesting, I'm liable to buy it just to see what it tastes like, without asking what's in it.
In this way I've acquired a taste for the Vietnamese desserts sold at a deli near my office. They tend to be not too sweet, flavored with coconut or almond, and sometimes downright mysterious.

Recently they added an ingredients label to one of their treats. For a while I thought I might want to re-think this policy of not asking what's in things, then I decided something must have gotten muddled in translation.
Panda: it's what's for dessert. :)


Blogger Christina said...

I found your blog via Julia's. I thought your comment re: kids and tics/tourettes was too funny -- and true.

So, I read some of your other posts, and I hope you don't mind if a new reader (that would be me) sticks around?

I, too, loved Little House.

28 February, 2007 06:44  
Anonymous Allotment Lady said...

I always have so much fun reading your posts - and apologise for not always leaving comments as I have quite a lot of visit and my days are really packed full.

Like you I love to try different things - it is so funny when things get 'Lost in Translation'

My Japanese daughter in law has introduced me to lots of new tastes.

When we visited this week, she offered us some biscuits. They too do not use sugar and their 'sweets' and cakes and biscuits taste 'odd' to use often.

I had a biscuit which I shared with my husband and it tasted very strongly of fish. Sardines in fact.

My husband never mentioned it so I thought it was just me.

Then yesterday he said, 'did those Japanese biscuits taste funny to you?

I then asked what the thought they tasted like - and he said fish! So it wasn't just my palate lol

03 March, 2007 00:23  
Blogger Marie said...

BTW: You have the ability to garden. To keep a garden and to grow/sustain life. Amazing. I have a necrotic thumb, and therefore can only grow the oft tomato or weed, which turns into black ash and dust because it grew into the souls of the undead. I hope you have some springtime tips coming up in your posts, soon! :)

03 March, 2007 07:24  

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