Monday, February 19, 2007

Jack Frost, artist

A post yesterday from the Iowa Gardener reminded me that I'd downloaded some pictures from my camera earlier this year and promptly forgot about them. We had some unusually cold weather this winter (unusual for the last several years, anyway) and one morning I was lucky enough to catch these frost patterns on the greenhouse walls.
Frost patterns were plenty common on our storm doors when I was a kid in Minnesota but I hadn't seen them in years. They reminded me of how I used to borrow my mom's thimble and make pictures on the frosted windows, because that's what Laura and Mary used to do in the wintertime. Which got me to wondering, what book was that in, anyway? Little House in the Big Woods? Or Long Winter. Googling took me to this wonderful frost photo, and my answer!


Anonymous allotment lady said...

Spectacular - the real 'frosted glass'

I to remember frost on the inside window of the house - they don't know they are born these days with central heating do they lol

Loved this post - off to read some more

21 February, 2007 12:23  

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