Monday, April 16, 2007

Late to the party, again

Update: How could I have forgotten Baby's Breath Spirea (spirea thunbergii), camellia japonica (a single pink form and a red and white striped double). And, in the woods, red elderberry. I'll have to post a photo of the elderberry trees. Unfortunately it's not an edible, or cordial-making species of elderberry, but this time of year they are covered with white cone-shaped flower clusters, making them look almost .like white lilacs. Fairly quickly the flowers turn to clusters of brilliant red berries, which don't last long either because the birds love them. Also, I spotted the first flowers of the Pacific Dogwood yesterday afternoon.

I've been away from both the Internet and my garden for several days so I'm late in posting a list of what's in bloom yesterday for Garden Bloggers' Bloom Day . Here's a quick list of what I found this afternoon when I returned home (why yes, I did head straight for the garden before unpacking. Doesn't everyone?)
In the garden:


bleeding heart, myosotis, sweet woodruff, scilla, alpine primrose, primula kisoana, primula 'Kingston twilight', lungworts, hellebores (still! Get the hook!), sweet cicely, lamium, sweet violet, checkered lily (fritillaria lanceolata) rhododendron 'rosemundi', and a dwarf rhody whose name I can't quite recall but that has lovely single blossoms the color of unsalted butter.

In the orchard: montmorency cherry, sweet cherry, italian plum, and a pear which I may never know the variety because its pollinating partner died in saplinghood, so while it blooms heartily it never sets fruit. Also blueberry and lingonberry shrubs.

In the woods: salmonberry, indian plum, wild bleeding heart,


more trillium (I'm excited because I've never seen this one before),

Few-flowered shooting star (dodecatheon pulchellum),

camas lily (Camassia quamash) and

big leaf maple.


Blogger Carol said...

Of course we all head straight to the garden after we've been gone for awhile!

I love that bleeding heart. Mine "collapsed" in the cold and is such a sad sight. And the foliage on those tulps is striking. And the wildflowers are especially interesting to see blooming!

Thanks for participating in Garden Bloggers' Bloom Day! It was worth the wait to see your flowers.

16 April, 2007 18:52  
Blogger InlandEmpireGirl said...

Beautiful post. Putting that whole list of what is blooming in your garden could be transformed into a lyrical piece of poetry. ( You can tell I am a writing teacher!).

16 April, 2007 20:44  
Blogger Yolanda Elizabet said...

Hi Molly, of course you go straight into the garden, what else? ;-)

I love those triliums of yours, especially the pinkish one, very pretty and unusual.

You have an impressive list of what is in flower already, how wonderful!

BTW I've linked with you, will you do the same?

17 April, 2007 05:04  
Blogger Petunia's Gardener said...

Molly, heck, often I come home from work and go straight out the back garage door to the garden. Good thing I don't wear heels or expensive shoes! You have a beautiful piece of the NW at your house!

21 April, 2007 11:08  
Blogger sp said...

i can't wait to see your place in the summer.

25 April, 2007 21:52  
Blogger Dawn said...

I love your woodland plants, especially the trillium, which is one of my favorites. What a lovely area you live in. Congrats on having so many blooms on Garden Blogger's Bloom Day!


12 May, 2007 16:44  

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